Now, more than ever, people are questioning the nature of reality in a way that was unthinkable in the past. Unreal shows like The OA have continued the conversation from The Matrix like simulation theory to what it may all mean to be in a simulation in the first place. During our investigation of “the mystery”, an investigation that became legendary for high strangeness before it was even fully underway, we dug deep into information science and big data to try to understand the avalanche of synchronicities that we were experiencing.

Penny Royal in a Nutshell

Penny Royal started with an investigation into rumors of…

No, it’s worth quite a bit more than that.

The $5 Trillion Asteroid — 2011 UW158

Somewhere, tumbling out in the cold recesses of space, there is an object which contains an unimaginable amount of platinum. In fact, the asteroid, 2011 UW158, contains $5 trillion worth of the rare metal. Measuring only about 2,000 feet long, the asteroid is extremely dense. In July of 2015, the asteroid was imaged as it flew relatively close to Earth by the Arecibo Space Telescope in hopes that it may lead to asteroid mining.

Image of UW158 by the Arecibo Observatory

A group by the name of Planetary Resources was formed to explore mining near earth objects which…

Reaching nearly half a football field in length and starting from an egg smaller than a human baby, this dinosaur was king of herbivores.

The largest dinosaur that ever lived has been revised many times. Some paleontologists thought it was the Brontosaurus, way back in the day. Since then, the coveted crown of the world’s largest dinosaur has shifted a few times. Regardless, the type of dinosaur that must have been the largest animal to ever walk the face of the earth has never been in question. It was a type of sauropod.


Sauropod Skeleton at the Carnegie Museum — Image by Tadek Kurpaski

Sauropods were a type of dinosaur that…

The Spanish conquest of the “New World” is filled with major historical events. Were those events so monumental that they were foretold in prophecy?

Fifty years after Cortés’s infamous encounter with the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma II, Bernardino de Sahagún recorded Moctezuma’s words to Cortés in the Florentine Codex as follows:

You have graciously come on earth, you have graciously approached your water, your high place of Mexico, you have come down to your mat, your throne, which I have briefly kept for you, I who used to keep it for you . . . …

The United States is a massive, diverse country with minority populations scattered around in nearly every imaginable configuration. From the suburbs of Atlanta to Chinatown in San Francisco, America is a beautiful tapestry of humanity. However, racism is real and sometimes those in power abuse that power in ways that reflect their bigotry.

There is no doubt that minorities (particularly blacks) are unfairly targeted by the police. In the wake of Freddie Gray, that’s just an undeniable truth. Blacks are arrested more often than whites for everything from shoplifting to weed. …

The incredible story of the first known case of schizophrenia is a mysterious window into our own psyche.

Casa de Locos (The Madhouse) by Goya

In the late 18th century, Europe was in a state of profound cultural psychosis. The American revolution had rocked the British Empire’s global aspirations, the French Revolution had evolved into such a frenzy of paranoia that we now refer to that time period as The Reign of Terror or, simply The Terror, and there were rumors of widespread war circulating among the elite. …

On December 15th of 1980, Melanie Uribe was abducted by two men in a truck on her way to work. Witnesses who saw her abduction were the last people to see her alive other than her killers and a psychic by the name of Etta Smith.

Melanie Uribe worked as a nurse at Pacoima Hospital in Burbank, California. By all accounts, she was punctual and reliable. She was a single mother, bringing up an eight year old boy. When her coworkers called her home and got no answer, they were immediately concerned. …

Far out in the desolate sands of the Nubian desert in Egypt, lie the ruins of an ancient stone circle of unimaginable age. Who built it and why?

Nabta Playa, as the area is now called, is not easy to reach. In fact, its remoteness is one of the reasons that it took so long to discover. The reasons for locating a stone circle in the middle of the sand sound nuts until one considers the tremendous age of the site.

How Meditation Sets You Free by Destroying You

You do not exist in the way you think you do. We have a cultural understanding that we, our personal identities, are somehow the consequence of billions of neurochemical reactions per second in our brains. Our sense of self is then merely the froth of hyper-complex activity occurring under the surface of our skulls. This is demonstrably not true.

Amnesia and Identity

A curious thing happens when people get amnesia, specifically retrograde amnesia, which is the garden variety amnesia we think of from soap operas and is usually caused by a head injury. …

Philippa Langley, who is president of the Richard III society, had an overwhelming feeling she was walking on the grave of the late king in 2012. She was right.

Richard III — Image Credit Public Domain

Richard III was not treated kindly by history. He was murdered on August the 22nd in 1485 during the last major battle in the War of Roses, the Battle of Bosworth field. He was buried in a makeshift grave in a friary nearby. In 1538, the friary was dissolved and the grave was lost to history. …

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